My trip to Los Cabos!!!

Hello, I am back! Second blog post and I finally have something to talk about! So… on June 9 I left on vacation with my family to Los Cabos and came back on the 16th. Let me just say.. I had the time of my life. Although, I already say that for almost every trip that I go to. LOL. Really though. It was a really fun and relaxing trip for my whole family and I. The day before we left we decided to spend the night in Juarez, due to the fact that we’d have to be at the airport by 4 am. Fast forwarding to when we were finally in Cabos, right as you walk out of the plane, a gust of hot air hits you. I am not a fan of extremely hot weather, but I do make exceptions when it’s humid. IT WASN’T!!! That was the only let down.

Now, continuing, the first day was cut a little short thanks to the flight, but we managed to swim a little and check out the beach. Sadly, the ocean and waves were too strong so you were forbidden from entering the beach. We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Hotel and Resort, totally recommend. The resort was huge and had so much to do, also, the rooms are very comfortable and they have really good views! Most of the vacation was spent swimming, lounging by the beach or pool, getting sunburned, eating, and drinking. Just to remind you, the legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, so you know what I had to do.. I went out! I met some girls a year older than me, when I was really supposed to meet up with a group of older women, so instinctively I got on more with the girls my age than the older group (by older I mean College Graduates). We had such a fun time though. We visited Mandala, Squid Roe, La Vaquita, Crush, and O, finding a way to get free drinks from the bouncers of the clubs. I mean, drinks are important when turning up, but dancing is where it is all at. I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention how absurd some people get though, and it’s clearly shown by HOW they are dancing. It’s funny to a certain extent and I am not one to judge, but there are certain limits. Well yeah, my new friends and I spent the night dancing and observing what happened around us.

One of the days, we decided to take a boat to see the famous “Arco de Los Cabos”. A total natural work of art and the water is incredibly blue, making the view incredible. Not to mention the reggae music playing in the background. It was just a complete awe, one of those “You have to see when you come to Cabo or you didn’t really come to Cabo at all” type of things. I would definitely go back just to see the arco again.

I made a video of my trip and I will leave the LINK┬áhere so you can receive a small glimpse of what you are getting yourself into if you go to Los Cabos. Also, a word of advice, learn to speak some Spanish because I promise you that people will give you special treatment. Well I’ll leave you all with my video and I’ll be back with another post soon. XOXO loves!!!


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