Let’s talk about LOVE

Love. What does it really mean? How does it really feel?

Honestly, in my opinion, it is the worst yet best thing that a person can feel. Being in love is great, until reality hits you. It’s almost like you live in an alternative dimension when you’re in love. It makes you do crazy things, while driving you insane. Sometimes to the point where you don’t want to love anything anymore. Why is it that we get so involved and so passionate about a certain person or thing while being in love? Like… either I’m just senseless or I tend to lose perception of sanity while I’m in love.

Let’s get serious. I have two questionable accounts of loving human beings unconditionally and whole heartedly and they have both ended ultimately the same. So it’s only right for me to start thinking that love is impossible, no? I have every right to. You hear all these stories and watch all these films about perfect love, but how perfect can it get. Personally, at this rate, I’d rather have someone who is completely and deeply in love with me then with someone who is only giving me half of them. And by completely and deeply in love, I mean someone who is going to prove to me that they love me and show effort ALL THE TIME.

It’s not that hard to love someone, but when you do, how is it possible to keep it hidden if you know the other feels the same way. Love can be like a game, and you will always hear people say, “It’s not about how you start, but about how you finish.” YOU CAN NOT FINISH SOMETHING IF IT HAS NEVER STARTED. I don’t mean love has to have an end, but how do you expect to give someone the world in the future, if you don’t focus on a promising present?

Love is more than just materialistic. I’m pretty sure anyone with a heart would choose someone who shows that they love you yet has nothing over someone who doesn’t show you they love, but provides only to your wants. Damn.

You really do start to realize many things as you get older. For example, I feel as though I have always been very influenced by the super extremely romantic movies and stories to the point that it’s the type of love I’ve always tried to aim for. I’ve never reached that level of romance because I’ve noticed the type of boys (let’s say almost men) I’ve let in are just not like that. I guess I’ve realized that everyone loves differently and if I want the love of my dreams to come and sweep me off my feet I have to wait for it and not rush into things. You have to stop looking at everyone else’s relationships and wishing you were like them and just live your own life. Once you start to put every part of your life into a good place, love will follow and you will be happy that you didn’t force yourself into something unwanted. Love is always patient and always kind. And no matter the amount of people you love and the amount of times you question is love still worth it, you will realize you will always have room to love more… A world with no one to love is a horrible world. So remember just live and love will follow. XOXO loves!!!!


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